The website can be divided into four sections

The first section is called»Services for citizens», and provides legal services and legal information that will be of interest primarily to ordinary citizens. It includes legal advice, answers to your questions on various areas of law, services of making claims and statements, as well as useful legal tips and advice.

This section will be of interest to all citizens who need legal advice or legal assistance. Services and advice is provided regarding current legislation.

Especially this section should be noted»lawyers Directory», which you can find a good lawyer near your place of residence, and our training course»Himself a lawyer», by which you will be able to use all the subtleties and imperfections of the laws in their favor.

In the second section entitled»Services for business»presented by our legal services and information that will be relevant for small and medium businesses. Because it contains legal materials and advice concerning business, they will be of interest not only to entrepreneurs, but workers and firms. Also here you will find free business books, contracts and other necessary documents.

«Services for lawyers»is the title of the third section. It contains a large amount of information that will be useful for both practising lawyers, and those who are only studying law. Here you can find legal articles, legal essays, legal dictionary, court decisions, free to download and read books and law books and all codes.

Here you can also get your own email and website

In the fourth section, entitled»Miscellaneous»contains various information that while not directly connected with jurisprudence, however, it would be useful and interesting to you. Here are the pages devoted to the newsletters of the site, the weather, the meetings of the Parliament, news, legal forum, etc