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WEBSITE LEGAL SERVICES Now, no organization or financial structure may not feel in our country in complete safety The services of lawyers and citizens demanded protection of their public and private rights. Moreover, an important aspect is confidentiality of services provided to individuals Legal assistance in the framework of service and maintenance provided legal persons and citizens in the form of: oral and written consultations on legal issues; drafting and registration of applications, complaints, petitions and other legal documents; representation in courts of General and special jurisdiction, etc. Law site Legal services focuses on the implementation and realization of integrated approach of social partnership of the professional community of lawyers on legal assistance to companies and individuals in need of qualified legal servicesOn the website, in the framework of free legal aid lawyers provide legal advice for both businesses and individuals, including not having the financial possibilities to pay for legal services. Unfortunately, the extensive legal knowledge our society has just begun to develop, people often have no idea of basic legal concepts. With this expansion of legal knowledge every day have to work in their activities The society is not yet sufficiently understand the place and role of legal relations, and this leads to the fact that the potential lawyers society is used not in complete volume, as a result - firms, individual businessmen and citizens are suffering losses, often do not get the legal result on which counted, concluding, for example, civil transaction. As part of the affiliate program, our lawyers provide legal advice on the website of the new questions that accompany real estate transactions.