Working principle: the customer and the contractor (the actual lawyer) are not known to each other

Legal registration: save all legal guarantees and responsibility.

Security: a dedicated communication channel, the contact person: permanent the only professional lawyer, a complete cycle of operation.

The geography of the client and the place of rendering services: no restrictions

In all situations, or entrepreneurial activity of citizens (legal persons) may require operational or long-term legal assistance.

In such cases we provide a secret (anonymous) legal assistance from the electronic consultation prior to large-scale long-term projects.

The primary legal guarantee of the quality of our services transfer to the customer of the original contract and the act on rendering legal services with free blank Customer details that can be filled by you with no refund to us the second copy of the contract.

Additional guarantee: the service is paid exclusively by Bank transfer, which we will not know who paid, and the Customer receives all necessary documents