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in what timeframe and to what result all the agreed actions

COMPANY LEGAL AID We have formed a team of professional lawyers and lawyers who every day defend our Clients interests and protect their rights. Citizens (physical persons) we offer legal assistance in any amount - from a simple consultation to a complete solution of legal problems without participation in the Client process. Organizations (legal persons)

we offer the solution directly encountered legal problems and corporate service.

which includes all possible legal services in full. PROFESSIONALISM All our employees are certified specialists with higher legal education and work experience in different organizations legal sector (courts.

internal Affairs bodies).

which are constantly improving their skills not only by working on solving the problems of their Clients. but also by taking part in professional legal forums and conferences. HONESTY AND INTEGRITY A legal organization took over rule the practice of extorting money from their customers. each time creating imaginary problems that require additional payment. besides postpone the time of resolution of existing legal problems. Our legal services will not require You to unnecessary costs The problem is made strictly according to the contract on rendering of legal services. Report about the work produced is available on demand ACCESSIBILITY AND INTELLIGIBILITY The main principle of our work -"the work in fact. nothing in excess". when obtaining legal advice You first to learn if it is possible to solve Your problem and. will receive clear recommendations and algorithm of actions for the decision of Your question. At the conclusion of the contract on rendering of legal services. our lawyer simply and clearly explain to You what will be done.