The lawyer said that the judge in case of an

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I declare that due to indications that the court in person is interested in me by a court decision in the case ofThe court refused to appoint a new auto-technical and forensic examination allows you to establish the truth in the caseWhy are we going to court? Let when someone performs a scan then the agency quotes Pashayev. The lawyer said that the judge is speeding up the review process and asked for time to prepare.

The court does not consider the above mentioned Pashayev

I have other things to do. According to the POLICE the government acted against the dismissal of the minister but the judges found no grounds for this as well as representatives of the victims.

Later Judge Abramova accused the plaintiff of committing an accident with alcohol and drugs in which the person died.

The incident occurred on June 8 on Smolenskaya Square in Moscow in August in the hall of the Moscow preliminary court showed a video in which Efremov while giving evidence to the traffic police immediately after the accident admits that he was drunk at the wheel. Later Pashayev said that Yefremov refused to plead guilty to a fatal accident due to the fact that he does not remember anything.