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the number of volumes in the case

THE SERVICES OF A CRIMINAL LAWYER This question was one of the first faces the person who is faced with criminal prosecution. No fixed prices for legal services are not there In each case

the lawyer's fees are determined independently and depends on many factors: the complexity of the case.

stage of proceedings.

procedural status of the person seeking help

the professional level of the attorney and his experience. In addition to the factors cited above. we always proceed from the capabilities property of the client. It is unlikely that the lawyer's fees will be high for a person with no permanent source of income etc The final cost of our services is determined after a conversation with You. Attorney's fees The definition of the payment procedure of services of a criminal lawyer in Your case will be determined individually. based on Your interests: payment to the lawyer for each stage of the process; fee to solicitor for each trial. based on their number; monthly payment; mixed order payment.