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TO GET FREE LEGAL ADVICE A lawyer or attorney. In considering proposals for the provision of legal services, it is necessary to consider that the right to participate as a defender in criminal cases is granted only specialists that have the status of a lawyer. Therefore, if You face criminal liability, will only lawyer. In other cases, you can safely apply to lawyers How much is it. We recommend you to pay attention to specialists who provide free legal adviceAs a rule, medium and large legal company dealing with various practices or lawyers and attorneys working in a particular direction law (Automotive law, family law, etc.). To apply for a paid consultation in the future, You can at any time, but getting a free consultation can save You up to 100 euros. Where to look. Practicing lawyers and attorneys well represented in the Internet. As a rule, lawyers have a personal or corporate websites Hence we should start looking. On such sites, You will be able to obtain initial information on the practice problems to be solved, the cost of legal advice and services, and of course, to read reviews of clients whose problems have already been solved.