The cost of a consultation in our office — from 150

The price of legal advice does not exceed the average on the market of legal services. In the case of an agreement with us to conduct the case, legal advice are free of charge.

Legal advice is paid at a price determined individually, after receiving the lawyers of our company with all the necessary data for its definition.

The data obtained will be kept as confidential information, available to a limited number of specialists and used for one purpose, solely to evaluate the work.

Oral legal advice, as a rule, is one question the answer to which requires not more than 1 hour. The cost of written consultation is determined in each case based on the complexity of the question or the nature of the problem, the deadline from one to two working days from the date of the contract and payment.

The price depends on the complexity of the issue, the forms of submission (verbal, standard written or detailed writing — is determined together with the client), the number of questions, time limit within which You need to get advice, as well as other significant features.

Legal the company offers an additional service — the departure of the lawyer to conduct oral consultations on legal issues, as well as to receive information and documents if necessary.

The service involves the departure of the lawyer to your office, home, etc

This service is not independent. The departure of the lawyer in the Netherlands included in the cost of legal advice. The departure of the lawyer outside the Netherlands is not included in the cost of consulting services and depends on the distance