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VIRTUAL LEGAL ADVICE For a virtual consultation does not exist for spatial constraints If Your problem is urgentor You need the personal involvement of a specialist - You can contact him through our website. How to contact the specialist: Via email. which is listed on the personal page of the expert; The phone numbers listed in the personal data of consultants. Free consultation Rules of work free Virtual legal consultation: Work free Virtual legal consultation is built on the principle"What question - such answer". Each consultation is based on current legislation and existing practice and expresses the opinion of a particular expert. All the answers of the consultants are placed or forwarded without review or editing Please note: You ask a question and receive a quick response. The administration of the project in advance apologizes for the visitors.

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whose questions will be left unanswered due to time constraints and the heavy workload of the expert. However. perhaps Your question will be answered Advice of a particular specialist with the opportunity to obtain further clarification and drafting legal documents on a paid basis. Paid services Online If You want to legal service: Let one of two ways (phone. a message through your Virtual office) to a specialist about the desire to obtain legal services by summarizing its essence. Specialist will tell You: if he could provide such a service. how much it will cost to service and how long it could be provided. You pay on the specified requisites specialist commissioned service at any Bank and sent to the specialist by e-mail to provide requested services. and then provides the ordered service.