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The annual conference of the Bar association management is being held in Moscow todaya law firm organized with the support of the Federal Chamber of Advocates of the Russian Federation. Opening of the conference President Martin Schol'ts noted that the Russian legal services market is growing and developing and today the discussion of new tasks for the development of law firms should begin. President of the Russian Federation Yuri Pilipenko also addressed the participants with a welcoming speech. You agree that the legal market in Russia is now increasingly turbulent and requires more responsibility for its participants and because the fact that the conference is being held in Russia for the eleventh time is very important. In his speech Yuri Pilipenko also touched upon one of the most relevant issues at present the Ministry of Justice of Russia has updated the draft Concept of Regulation of the professional legal aid market.

He recalled that the idea of reforming the legal profession is not initially the property of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation namely the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation until about seven years Minister of Justice Alexander Nikolay drew attention to the lack of uniform rules in this area.

And if there are no uniform rules it means that there are no rules said Yuri Pilipenko. The President of the Russian Federation stated that the dialogue between the State and the human rights of the community and other interested parties has been going on for seven years. And the result was a draft concept which according to Yuri Pilipenko turned out to be a good document. Of course you can file a complaint commas are not accents are not so far apart and so on. When there are they show one month before publication we also had a lot of problems in terms of evaluating the role of a lawyer in the market. Not all of our proposals were made but in general the draft is the most balanced and balanced of all the documents that were proposed in those years said Yuri Pilipenko. He called it logical that not all representatives of the legal market supported the draft Concept adding that now it attacks with various parts of the complaint from foreign colleagues about the part of the concept that relates to their activities. I know that some tax genes that seek to capture all participants in the discussion of the problem of preferential tax When Yuri Pilipenko noted that in his opinion if the community resists who are trying to change the tax base it is unlikely that if the idea will be implemented because in the current environment the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation does not agree with some of revenue. The President of Russia drew attention to the fact that it is a violation of the provisions of the draft Concept and some classical lawyers believe that the Ombudsman's office is the elite of the community and should not be diluted with lawyers who merge into a single whole as a result of the implementation of the Concept. Yuri Pilipenko said that he does not share this approach since the forensic medical profession has a large number of colleagues who adorn communities. Also Yuri Pilipenko He noted that the concept of fate has not yet been determined although the leadership of the Ministry of Justice of Russia is more active in working for progress and regularly discusses the project and groups it on their websites. He suggested that the agency plans to submit a final document to the Government of the Russian Federation by the end of the year taking into account all amendments and proposals prepared by the expert community and other interested parties. I would like for all of us lawyers or do not understand the importance of our legal fraternity which should be about a general understanding of the ethics of the profession and the methods that we use in our professional activities. I think that as a rule there are no unsolvable contradictions between Russian lawyers and prosecutors.

I think that we can find a common language and solve the most serious problems Yuri Pilipenko concluded.